Marv Zauderer, M.S., M.S., MFT

Helping individuals, couples, and teams solve problems and reach their potential.

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Is stress running your life?
Are you struggling with sadness, fear or anger?
Having trouble managing relationships with a significant other, friends, children, extended family or co-workers?
Not feeling enough meaning and purpose in your life?

If you're thinking about working with me, please know that in our sessions I won't just ask, "How does that make you feel?" Nor will I spend far too many hours on your childhood. Let's work together to identify the obstacles to your progress, and to increase your control over these issues, so that you can have the relationships, happiness, and life you want.

I combine an active, results-oriented style with a sense of humor and a deep belief that you will feel better. I focus on what is happening with you now, dipping into the past (and future) when it's helpful to you. Drawing from a broad range of training and experience, I develop a specific strategy for working with you by first getting to know you and your goals, and then tailoring an approach that works best for you.

I work with adults, young children, adolescents, couples, and families, and have a wide variety of specialties. My offices are in San Francisco and Sausalito.

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Please email or call me for a free initial phone consultation to see if we're the fit you've been looking for!

Marv Zauderer, MFT, License #MFC 43363

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